A Job Lost?

A Job Lost?
Well, it may be lost, but it did not pay very well anyway. I had an e-mail from Lynn Shafer this morning. Apparently, the AARS is in process of terminating the program that evaluates rose display gardens. I was on the list for evaluating the rose garden on the MSU campus in East Lansing. The MSU garden was no longer a test garden site, but a public display garden to display new AARS roses and other roses. I am not sure whether the evaluation shut down of the Lansing garden is part of a 3 year phase out of the whole AARS trial garden program, or just the display garden program. As I understand it, display gardens are encouraged to continue soliciting commercial nurseries for surplus roses, to maintain their supply of roses for the public gardens.
I suspect this is another symptom of decay in the rose garden business.. Last summer we got word that J & P Roses, (formerly the gold standard in roses), had gone bankrupt, and was being dissolved.
Last fall we also heard that Weeks, who had been a contract grower for J. & P., had been caught in the J. & P. bankruptcy mess, and had been forced to seek protection against their creditors because of uncollectible bills which were owned them from J. & P. Fortunately, Weeks is able to continue in business, despite its credit problems.
I suspect the greater difficulty we have had lately in buying Nor’East roses, is part of the parent company, Greenheart‘s, efforts to distance itself somewhat from the less profitable rose business.


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