Blooming Fool

Another Blooming Fool
In the past I have talked about roses that are “blooming fools”. A bush that is a blooming fool is one that blooms so much that it depletes the energy it needs to become a strong bush. Examples from the past are Tournament of Roses, & Voluptuous. I have given Voluptuous away, but I am still working with a couple of bushes of Tournament of Roses with limited success.
I now have a 3rd bush for the Blooming Fool list. It is Pasadena Star. Our bush has been in place for about 3 years. It does struggle some with winter, but this year, about a couple weeks before our Fall Show, it was covered with several small sprays of roses. It was not as visible as it might have been, since it was surrounded by some tall roses, planted on 2 ft. centers. The color of Pasadina Star , a grandiflora, is light yellow, and its blooms last a long time on the bush. Since it has a similar color to the miniflora Butter Cream, I have wondered if the hybridizer of both roses, Bob Martin, used common parents for both roses.


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