“If you can’t fight ’em, feed ’em.” Yeah, I know what the DNR says about feeding deer, but the DNR is not going to protect my rose gardens. As long as my “herd” gets their corn, sunflower seed and suet, they leave the roses alone. If they don’t get fed, I awake to find the rose cones tipped over and stems eaten to the ground. Now then, when spring comes, the wildlife is on its own. I get out the critter repellent, load the sprayer and go to town on everything green! It’s necessary to spray the new growth as it comes along – deer simply relish those new little green shoots. Afterwards, the “fragrance” on my little acre keeps everyone away until a good wind blows the other way; once there is not so much new growth, I don’t need to spray as often – maybe once a month. So that’s my “tip” for deer control. I only have one rabbit at the moment – the fox keeps that population under control – the remaining bunny is just a crafty little devil.


Comments on: "If You Can’t Fight ’em, Feed E’m" (2)

  1. In the latest American Rose Society magazine, someone noted that the Starbucks coffee grounds spread out around the plants seemed to deter the deer. Has anyone tried this tactic here in Michigan? Does this work with Maxwell House and Folgers too? And what would this do to the acidity of the soil?

  2. Joan Stoffer said:

    I have never tried coffee grounds – I did read that article in American Rose magazine. I doubt it makes any difference what kind of coffee grounds you use and after you brew your coffee, the grounds are nearly pH neutral and not an acidity problem.

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