Walnut Hill Special Deals!

We again are very fortunate to have friends at Walnut Hill who give us great deals on everything we need to care for our roses! Please see the resources page to take a look at what is available!

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  1. Here is a note from Joyce and Tom of Walnut Hill Farm:

    We are offering a few different things this year of note: Bonide Infuse, a consumer affordable BannerMaxx, and two systemic drench products Bayer All in One Rose and Flower Care and a less expensive alternate Bonide Rx for Roses. Both will treat 16 roses for about 6 weeks for disease and insect problems, which may interest growers new to the game, or those less willing to don the white suit and gas mask to spray routinely. They also may be of benefit, if we have another year where the temperature stays above 80 degrees for extended periods, making it unsuitable to spray without risk of damaging foliage or flowers. We are also offering two preemergent weed control products (Treflan, the active ingredient in Preen, and Snapshot, which contains Treflan and other active ingredients for broader weed control) for those with larger gardens, or those tired of paying consumer prices for smaller packaging. And, we are still advocating spring application of granular Merit to control grubs in the ground in both beds and turf to reduce later damage to your roses by the adult Japanese Beetles. The .5G formulation is more than double the usually available retail grub products, so you would pay for and use much less filler, and save money.

    Should anyone want products they can call or email and we will coordinate delivery or pick up as requested.
    Thanks, Joyce and Tom

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