Nor’East Mini/ Mini-flora Sale
Since we are buying roses in full case lots, with a minimum of 8 plants per variety, we are limited in the number of varieties we can order. In the past we were able to buy a number of new introductions with our wholesale order. This year they were not available to us. We do have some quality recently introduced mini and mini-flora roses confirmed in our order. Since our order is confirmed, you should get the roses ordered from our list, unless we sell out on that variety.
Orders will be filled out on a first come, first served basis. I will try to date and time the orders as they are received. All plants were ordered in 8 plant lots, except the miniatures Hot Tamale and Magic Show, which were ordered in lots of 16. The price, if paid by March 25, is $5 per plant. They are ordered in- leaf or forcing grade. After March 25 the plants will be priced at $5.50 each, the same as last year. We expect the plants to be shipped on Monday, May 2 by overnight FedEx. The orders should be sorted out and available for pickup by Wednesday or Thursday May 4 or 5. After filling out and sending the form below, please mail your check to: Bill Blok 4770 Sheri Lynn Dr Wyoming MI 49519


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