New Life!

New Life! By Bill Blok
Our 2010 rose seed crop has started to produce new plants. The seeds we planted in early December, have started germinating around or shortly after Feb. 1. After sowing the seeds in our seed boxes in early December, they were placed in our cold, under the front porch, fruit cellar. When we returned from our winter stay in Florida in late January, we saw no sign of emerging seedlings. Around the 1st of February, when we still saw no emerging seedlings, we moved one of the boxes (mostly cross-pollinated seed) to the somewhat warmer main basement.
After about a week in the warmer main basement, we began to see emerging seedlings. Shortly afterwards, we also moved our 2nd box from the cold room to the main basement. Now we are seeing some germination in the 2nd box (mostly open pollinated seed) also.
As of Feb. 23, we have transplanted 40 seedlings to individual 3.5 inch seed pots. Its always interesting to see the new generation of roses starting to develop. So far they look pretty much alike. It is hard to believe that in only about another 6 weeks, or about May 1, we will begin to see all the different baby blooms that will be developing by that time.


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