March went out like a lion,
Whippin’ up the water in the bay.
Then April sighed and stepped aside,
And along came pretty little May.

Oscar Hammerstein II

Feelin’ GOOD – happy, excited, exhilarated, inspired, uplifted, invigorated, – WINTER IS NEARLY OVER!!!. I know that because my hyacinths are up about an inch – okay, so they are still under a little white stuff, but they are ready to grow and I’m ready to help them – or anything else out there that’s coming up green. Strange that I can’t find any crocus, but maybe voles like them better than hyacinth.
We surely hope you are all ready to join us next week at the March 15th meeting to see Harlan Schumaker’s “Favorite Pics,” and to renew acquaintance with those we haven’t seen since December. We have a new member, Lee Oliver from Newaygo, and hopefully we will be seeing him at this meeting. He found us through our new website and is particularly interested in climbing roses at this time. Welcome Lee!
The Board met last week in discussion of plans for our June show. Our show chair, Harlan, has drawn up table plans for two separate rooms. We will be in half of the room we have exhibited in downstairs (FMG has taken the other half for offices), and also in the room where we have our meetings. We will prep in the usual room. If any of you Kzoo, Lansing, Saginaw, Detroit exhibitors would like to join us we sure would enjoy having you. We have plenty of ribbons so come on over!
Joyce Latta has volunteered to host a talk on roses with Q&A for guests who might be interested while the show is being judged from 11: to 1: pm. Also new this year, we will be very open to the public bringing their roses for display on the Novice table, where they will be judged on their own merits – any kind of rose is eligible and all will merit a ribbon. This is meant to be a fun event and may entice some new members. FMG will be publishing these items of interest in their Seasons magazine which go out to all their members. Joyce and her husband, Tom Conklin, have been brainstorming new ideas to make our show more attractive to the public. My personal thanks to Tom, Joyce, and our show chair/wandering photographer, Harlan, for their efforts on behalf of Grand Valley Rose Society.
If you have read Ted Mills latest column in the American Rose Society magazine on how to kill a rose society, then you know that the number one killer is to stop the rose shows; we are working on making ours the best and the brightest. If anyone has suggestions on anything more we can do,


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