Late May and early June is the time when you should start checking on your roses daily, with a mind to get more roses to the show. I am thinking especially of the disbudding that will improve your specimens for the show. One bloom per stem roses are seldom produced naturally. Most one bloom per stem roses are produced by the prompt disbudding of rose stems by the rosarian. To produce the 1-bloom roses, remove the side buds from promising looking stems. On the other hand, if you want nice symmetrical rose sprays, one should remove the terminal or central main bud from a stem which is developing with numerous side buds. That way the plant does not waste energy on the terminal bud, but develops larger side buds and a more symmetrical spray. I like to do this with the first large shoots, with side buds, that develop about 4 weeks before the show. If I let the terminal bud develop into a bloom, it would probably open a week before the show. However, if I remove the terminal bud, and let the side buds develop a spray, they may be ready to open a week later, just in time for our show.


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