The Washout

The Washout
Although I have said that in about 25 years of going to Rose Garden Tours, I can’t remember one that was a complete washout because of rain, I can’t say that anymore. Of course all but the last 2 years of tours were in July or August, a dryer part of the summer.
Our tour started 10 or 15 minutes early, when Harlan and Kay arrived. They were soon joined by another couple from our church when an event there was canceled because of storm warnings. We had about 15 minutes to look around before the storm hit. That gave Harlan some time to take some pictures before the rain arrived. You may get to see some of those pictures later in one of Harlan’s excellent programs.
After sitting out the main part of the storm at our house, both the Schumakers and the Bloks drove up to the Vander Male’s. We were joined there by the Powell’s. After a short walk through their rain soaked garden, the 8 of us spent an hour or so of fellowship, and enjoyed the refreshment in their garage.


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