What a Rose Show!

What A Rose Show!
Despite the slow start to our rose growing season, our gardens still provided a rich supply of rose beauty for our June 18-19 Spring Show at Meijer Gardens. Although our late blooming roses, such as Touch of Class, Folklore, Moonstone, and Mavrik, missed our show by a few days, we did have plenty of other roses. The exception may have been in the miniature roses, where we were down in numbers, due to the absence of the Otters, and the decision by the Bloks to concentrate on entering the larger roses.
The sweep of all 7 award positions in the Queen of Show competition by your Editors, was especially unusual. Previously we have swept all three Royalty positions (Queen, King, & Princess), but I am not sure we have ever won all 4 Court positions too.
The fact that we were able to sweep the Queen competition, together with most of the hybrid tea challenge classes, shows we had lots of good hybrid tea roses. We also did well with the floribundas, winning the 1-bloom, the Spray, and the Floribunda Trio classes. Our Lavaglut spray was also chosen as the “Best of Show”.
Due to our distraction with the larger roses, most of our potential miniature and miniflora entries stayed in our cooler, but we did enter 2 miniature sprays, and one miniflora spray. The result was that we won both the Best Miniature (12+ petals), and the Best Miniflora Sprays.
Harlan & Kay Schumaker were strong again in the miniature rose class, and sweeping all positions in the Miniflora Queen competition. The also won the Sweepstakes Award for the smaller roses.
Jon Wier won the Mini Queen, and dominated the OGR and Shrub classes. He also scored in a number of miniature challenge classes.
The Wileys won in their usual Hot Tamale box classes, the Boutonniere, and in various bowl classes. Just to keep in practice, they also swept in to capture the Hybrid Tea Spray. Joan Wiley simply dominated the Arrangement section of our show.
Thanks also to Karen Fitz Labarge, Joan Stoffer, John and Rosemary Kelbel, and Jan Powell. You all contributed by taking part as exhibitors, and although you did not win many, we hope it was a learning experience that will lead to more success in days to come. You added to the quality of our show!
Thanks also to all of you who found time to help with our show. Thanks especially to Harlan & Kay Schumaker for all the hours you donated to keep our Hospitality and Sales going during our show.
Our rose sales were also a success in that we sold out all the remaining Nor’East roses. Since we had an above average inventory left at show time, we priced them more realistically, and they sold out. Hooray!


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