A Good Show

We were not expecting much of a Fall Show this year, with the Japanese beetles plaguing our gardens to some degree right up to show day, but in unusually large numbers as late as 10 days before our show. The unseasonably hot weather was not a plus either. Although quite a few of our large roses matured a week too early, there were those last minute surprises that boosted our spirits and the quality of roses in our show.
Our show was more balanced this time. Whereas in last spring’s show, one exhibitor entered all 7 of the 1-bloom hybrid teas that were honored, this time the Queen, King, Princess, and the 4 Queen’s Court roses were each entered by a different exhibitor. It is painful when you don’t win an award you coveted, but we need to cheer this as evidence of more and better competition at our shows. The surprise of the show was the presence of a pair of exhibitors from Ohio. Richard Anthony and his exhibitor partner, drove much of the night to enter rose in our show. Richard Anthony is a nationally known expert and exhibitor of mini-flora roses. He provided our program on mini-flora roses at the last District Convention we hosted here, a few years ago. Not surprisingly, the mini-flora Queen, King, Princess, and two of the 4 members of the Mini-flora Court were won by the team from Ohio.
Congratulations to Gord and Alice Otter for winning, among other awards, the Queen of Show with Touch of Class, the Komar, and the English Box for large exhibition stage roses. I could tell by Alice’s big smile that she got a special kick out of edging out your Editor for that last award.
The Bloks seemed to be specializing in sprays, as we won the Best Mini-flora, Best Grandiflora, and Best Hybrid Tea sprays. We also surprised by winning the Miniature Queen with an entry of Joy.
The Wileys, besides winning their usual boxes, and an unbelievable collection of bowls, won the Mini King with Irresistible, and the King of Show with Olympiad. Their Olympiad entry also was judged “Best Red Hybrid Tea.”
Harlan and Kay Schumaker found the going a bit tougher than usual in the Mini-flora class, due largely to the influx of those roses from Ohio, but did better than most in the small roses. They won the two miniature spray classes, as their spray of Pierrine was judged the Best Miniature Spray. They also showed their usual strength in the small rose classes by winning numerous small rose challenge classes, and once again winning the small rose Sweepstakes Award.
Although it was not a good season for OGR’s, The Wiers won with the High-Lo Challenge, the By 2’s OGR/Shrub English Box, a Mini Court Award, and Best Open Bloom Hybrid Tea.
Congratulations also to President Joan Stoffer for winning the Best Modern Shrub award with Golden Wings. That entry was also judged to be the Best of Show.


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