Leadership Help Wanted

Leadership Help Wanted!
The months of September and October is the time when the rose society looks for people who are willing to help do the work of the society for the coming year. In the past few years this has been done at the Board level, and eventually at the October general membership meeting. The first Board level discussion hopefully will result in the formation of a single slate of candidates for all offices that are up for election this year. That could come at a September Board meeting, but no later than the October Board meeting. If you are willing to be considered for the main offices, President, Vice President, Secretary, and a vacant Board Trustee position, please let one of the current Board members know of your availability, so your name may be considered for one of these positions. The second means of getting involved in our society leadership, is by having your name placed in nomination as an addition to the Board slate of candidates, at our October membership meeting. The members who are being nominated to leadership positions are often not known until our October General Membership meeting (The 3rd Tuesday of October), but other names can be added at that meeting.
If you put your name up for available offices, hopefully you will be available for most of our occasional Board meetings, and for most of our General Membership meetings.


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