John Ball Winterizing

John Ball Winterizing
The weather did not look very promising on the morning of October 29, but before it was time to leave for John Ball, it had stopped raining, and the clouds had begun to thin out. When Irma and I arrived at the John Ball rose garden, Gord and Alice Otter had already begun the work of cutting back the roses. After a little time we were joined by Tim Rousch, and 3 members of his Park staff. Due in part to (I suspect) the fertilization program for the roses at John Ball, the pruning job was less work than on some years in the past. As soon as the pruning was completed, all hands were engaged in distributing the truckload of wood mulch that was brought to the garden. When the Bloks left shortly before 11 AM, the park staff was mulching the last bed of roses in the garden oval. The Otters and the Bloks thank the John Ball Staff for their help in preparing the roses for winter. Jan Powell called in to say she could not make it because of a special Choir practice. Jon Wier called in sick. He has spent the last 2 weeks home bound with a respiratory infection. He has had to get professional help to care for Lois during this period. Rose Enders e-mailed us an injury report. She suffered a thigh bruise from a hard kicked soccer ball during soccer practice, the day before.


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