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Nor’East Rose Pick up

Nor’East Rose Pick-up
We expect our rose order to arrive on May 1. We think you will be able to pick up your orders May 2 – 5 at Blok’s house. Call us when you plan to come get them. Additional orders, or orders not prepaid by April 1, are $5.25 each. After repotting the price is $5.50 each. Expect increased prices beginning June 1.
Contributions of 4 to 5 inch pots are welcome, for the repotting process.


Important Dates

Grand Valley Board Meets: February 14, 2012, 7 PM, at Joan Stoffer’s.
Spring District Convention: March 16-17 Quality Inn in Troy MI.
Grand Valley’s next member meeting: March 20, 7 PM at Meijer Garden.

Grand Valley Fall Trophies

Fall Trophy Turn-in
If you have Grand Valley Fall trophies, please turn them in on Friday, Sept. 3, or early on Sept. 3, in the downstairs show area at Meijer Gardens. Please do not turn in spring trophies at this time, since we do not have storage space for them.

District Trophies

Great Lakes District Trophies
As we understand the matter, Great Lakes District rose trophies are due to be turned in at
the Fall District Show on Sept. 17 in East Lansing. Unless the District Board acts to exempt some trophies from retirement, all trophies will be disposed of, returned to their donors, or given away. It is hard to find people who are willing to manage, and store the many trophies involved, and engraving is getting more expensive too.

Judges Coffee

Judges’ Coffee
On the morning of Sept. 3 (show prep time), we will need some people to contribute goodies for the Judges Coffee. If you plan to make such a contribution on or before 10 AM, call Irma Blok so she will not need to worry ahead of time.

Upcoming Show Dates

All Rose Shows at Fredrick Meijer Gardens, Grand Rapids

September 3-4 2011 Fall Show
June 23 – 24 2012 Spring Show
September 8-9, 2012 Fall Show

The Presidents Corner

By Joan Stoffer
It is that time of the year when we meet again for our annual Rosarian picnic which will take place on Tuesday July 19 at 6:00 pm. There is a bit of a change this year so take note: we are giving Jan and Dan Powell some much needed respite from their usual position as hosts, and the annual event will be held at my home, 2205 7th St. NW. Directions for those of you who have not been here are to take Covell Rd. which runs between Leonard NW and Lake Michigan Dr. NW. 7th St. runs off Covell about ½ mile from either Leonard or Lk. Michigan Dr. and is West off Covell Rd. about 2 city blocks. If you get lost use your Cell, my phone # is 453-0102 and I’ll send rescue to escort you.
We are planning a potluck, so please bring a dish to pass – we usually have around 20 people. Beverages, dessert, and chicken will be provided. We will begin eating by 6:15 to get ahead of the mosquitoes as I live in a “woodsy” area. For those of you acquainted with my two beastly Chihuahuas, I will try to jail them for the evening so you need not fear getting chewed up.
My gardens are not looking their best, having lost my daughter-helper to a broken ankle this year. Her husband then became my favorite son-in-law (he is my ONLY son-in-law) when he pitched in to spread 14 yards of mulch. On July 4th he took a fall and sprained his foot which has left me all alone in my little acre of weeds. But friends always overlook those imperfections so I know you will all come over and have a good time. Hope to see everybody! Please call me by July 16, so we know you plan to come!

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