The Presidents Corner

The President’s Corner – by Joan Stoffer
It is that fun time of the year again when GVRS members gather for a picnic at Joan and Larry’s home.  The date is Thursday August 23rd and start time is 6:00 pm, RAIN OR SHINE!!  If the weather doesn’t favor us outside, then we’ll all find floor space in the kitchen and living room.  You don’t need reservations, but I would like to know what dish you are bringing – Jon Wier’s task is to bring the chicken, (note to Treasurer: bring the checkbook to reimburse Jon.)  Somehow we always seem to have enough and more than enough different dishes to please everybody.  I will provide the coffee, tea, sodas, and dessert, plates and utensils.  Since Judy and Rae’s move to our house, continued construction has made little time for gardening, so the landscape is not a thing of beauty right now so just look past that (and a garage full of yet-to-be unpacked boxes.)
Our September meeting will take place on the 11th – the SECOND TUESDAY OF THE MONTH.  This is due to FMG needing our usual space for something they have planned on the 3rd Tuesday of Sept.  Judy suggested a round table discussion (yes, I know our tables are rectangular!)  It has been such an unusual spring and summer, that I am sure you all have stories to tell about problems in the garden, and solutions you have tried etc. etc.  So bring your tales of woe to the table and we’ll all cry with you.
Show time is right around the corner too and if everyone does as good a job as they did in June, setup will be a cinch.  Just a little reminder – if you have books or magazines that you have finished reading please bring them to offer to the public.
Last, but not least, I want to tell you that we have gained a new member, Brian Smith.  Hopefully his work will allow him to attend our picnic so you can all meet him.  Brian is interested is rose growing, and hopefully, exhibiting, so let’s all help him feel welcome to our group.


Ely Manor in Allegan loves GVRS Roses!

Ruth at Ely Manor selected this group for her bedside table!

Prepping Roses for the Nursing Home

What happens to our roses after the show? I take them home and put them in unbreakable plastic soda bottle vases for people in nursing homes. Here is my dining room table in the middle of the post show nursing home bouquet prep.

From The Editors Desk: 1997 (Excerpts)
Well another rose show has come and gone.  Thanks especially to those who helped with the Transport Committee, the rose show set-up, the clerking and show related activities.  Thanks to those who brought goodies for the Judges Coffee.  They were good as usual.  We also thank Betty Martin, Mary Bray, Lillian Harper, and former member Jean Larson, and others who helped with the Miniature Rose Sale.  We grossed about $600 dollars in rose sales, at and immediately following the rose show.  Jon Wier sold the last 24 roses at his place of work on the Monday.  Thanks Jon!
I was disappointed that not many non-exhibitors showed up to enter the show for the first time.   I suppose that many potential exhibitors fail to exhibit because their roses at show time were not the best they have ever grown, or it was a bad week for them.  Experienced exhibitors know that the weather is always bad on show week.  The weather is too cool, or too hot, too dry, or too wet.  An exhibitor must do the best he can with what his gardening skill and the weather give him.  One must also be willing to suffer rejection.  I am still smarting from the 2 judges that put a red ribbon on my beautiful First Prize rose.  It was one of the best in the show, even if a bit tight, but the red ribbon prevented any chance that other, more sympathetic judges, would consider her more favorably when the Queen and her court were chosen.   So you see, I don’t take rejection well.
Some how, not much has changed but the names and numbers.    Bill Blok

Cajun Signature

Cajun Signature

Sheer Joy

Rose Speak by Joan Stoffer

LEADING LADY opened her eyes, declared that the stage lights were finally on, and took several bows. However, It was really TUSCAN SUN waking everyone to a warm and shiny day. Always slow AWAKENING, VEE MARIE yawned and wished for a cup of HOT COCOA. CAREFREE BEAUTY began to feel like a CAREFREE SPIRIT and GOLDEN WINGS was sure she could fly OVER THE MOON. Shy little MARY ROSE produced very loud GIGGLES when a bumblebee tickled her stems. THE DARK LADY flaunted her FLAWLESS beauty, sure that she would be Queen this year. There is such AMBIANCE in the spring garden, but what a CONUNDRUM – it’s only February!
HELEN TRAUBEL began an aria from her favorite opera, TRAVIATA, and RURAL RYTHYM chimed in with a chorus of Gershwin’s “I’ve Got Rythym.” SHOWBIZ, a real FANCY DANCER, did a little WHIRLAWAY with SASSY CINDY, and VETERAN’S HONOR marched to DISTANT DRUMS. LIBERTY BELL rang loud and proud. ABRAHAM DARBY, that JOLLY GOOD gentleman from GLAMIS CASTLE, reminded everybody that it wasn’t time yet for a GOLDEN CELEBRATION. The BRASS BAND played on and FOOLISH PLEASURE continued.
PLAYBOY was ready to flirt, and captivated SEXY REXY which made MORDEN BLUSH and HOT PRINCESS sputter that she was feeling totally ignored. GRAHAM THOMAS began TEASING GEORGIA but she only had eyes for THE PRINCE. HANNAH GORDON and NICOLE were still arguing over who was who, while ST. PATRICK simply prayed for PEACE. QUIETNESS called for TRANQUILITY. DAINTY BESS smiled and with a TOUCH OF CLASS, reminded the mischief-makers that they need to become FOREVER FRIENDS.
PARTY GIRL was DANCING IN THE WIND, shouting “isn’t this just the BEE’S KNEES?” THE SQUIRE gave her a sour look. JEAN KENNEALLY said her HOPE is that the sun never goes down because THIS IS THE DAY. GOLDEN SHOWERS tried to warn that OUTTA THE BLUE, there could still be a freeze. BETTY BOOP said it’s only FOLKLORE that spring can’t come this early. FRU DAGMAR complained “this just can’t be – I still have to lose my hips!! “
As MARMALADE SKIES gave way to an ARIZONA SUNSET, there was general agreement that today had been FABULOUS and such a DOUBLE DELIGHT. POPE JOHN PAUL II gave thanks and assured them that THE NEW DAWN would be SIMPLY MARVELOUS and filled with JOY and HAPPINESS.

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